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Davis Students Present Homeless Solutions to Compton City Council

Media Release

The Davis Middle School Tech Team was recently invited by Councilman Jonathan Bowers to present their Sustainable Homeless Center Project to the Compton City Council. During the regular monthly council meeting, 8th Grader Alexa Rodriguez, 7th Grader Juiliana Iniguez, and 6th Graders Citlali Almejo and Jackelin Vigil explained their plan to the Mayor and council members.  

The Tech Team’s project, which was awarded second place at the City of STEM Competition in Los Angeles, provided a solution to the city’s homelessness issues by using STEM and sustainable resources. 

The team designed the model homes using Tinkercad, an AutoCAD software, and 3D printed them. They imagined a center that would use sustainable materials, be self-sustaining, and rely on renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power 

The project is an example of how Davis Middle School uses Project-Based learning to encourage students to work on real world issues and find solutions in their classrooms.  

Davis Students Present Homeless Solutions 1
Davis Students Present Homeless Solutions 2