Non-Congregate Meal Service Summer 2021
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Jun 12, 2021

Start Date: Monday, June 14, 2021
End Date: Friday, July 30, 2021

Tuesday Non-Congregate Meal Service

Distribute 3 breakfasts & 3 Lunches.
(Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Thursday Non-Congregate Meal Service

Distribute 4 breakfasts & 4 Lunches
(Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday)

*Tuesday: 3 breakfasts & 3 Lunches to parents/guardians who pick up meals for children at home.

*Thursday: 4 breakfasts & 4 Lunches to parents/guardians who pick up meals for children at home.

The following schools will offer Non-Congregate meal distribution:

- Bunche Elementary
- Carver Elementary
- McNair Elementary
- Emerson Elementary
- Kelly Elementary
- Rosecrans Elementary
- Bursch Elementary
- McKinley Elementary
- Clinton Elementary
- Jefferson Elementary
- Kennedy Elementary
- Roosevelt Elementary

Summer Seamless Option (SSO) - Non-Congregate meal distribution not available at the following schools:

  1. Dickison Elementary (Close proximity to Rosecrans Elementary)
  2. Washington Elementary (Close proximity to Rosecrans Elementary)
  3. Davis Middle (Close proximity to Rosecrans Elementary)
  4. Tibby Elementary (Close proximity to Longfellow Elementary)
  5. Enterprise Middle (Close proximity to Bursch Elementary)
  6. Centennial High School (Close proximity to McNair Elementary)
  7. Walton Middle (Close proximity to Longfellow Elementary)
  8. Anderson Elementary (Close proximity to King Elementary)
  9. Foster Elementary (Close proximity to Roosevelt Elementary)
  10. Bunche Middle (Close proximity to King Elementary)
  11. Compton High School (Close proximity to Emerson Elementary)
  12. Dominguez High School Close proximity to Clinton Elementary)
  13. Compton Early College (Close proximity to McNair Elementary)
  14. King ES (Close proximity to Carver ES)
  15. Longfellow ES (Close proximity to Kennedy ES)
  16. Whaley MS (Close proximity to Clinton ES)
  17. Mayo ES (Rosecrans ES and Roosevelt ES)
  18. Laurel ES (Close Proximity to Bursch ES)

*All SSO Sites will distribute Weekend Meals, which includes 2 breakfast, and 2 Lunches to either students, parents, or guardians on Friday afternoon.

*This will reduce traffic of the parents and guardians picking up meals for virtual learners at sites with on-site learners.