Construction of the New Compton High School is About to Begin!
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May 9, 2018

It's about to Begin...
New Compton High Construction!

The Compton Unified School District is excited to announce that the planning and preparation for the new Compton HS project will begin this Fall 2018. When complete, the new Compton HS campus will include state-of-the-art classrooms, fine arts and sports facilities that will benefit the students and community of Compton. 

In order to begin the planning and preparation phase, incoming 9th grade students and teachers will be transitioned from the Compton HS campus to the Roosevelt MS campus this Fall as the first phase of planning the project begins. Although students will be attending classes on the campus of Roosevelt MS, the students will still be considered Compton HS students and the teachers will be teachers from Compton HS. This transition will affect multiple schools across the district, including your student’s current or future school.

We want this transition to be a great experience for everyone, so we have worked hard to make sure that students will have access to all the programs and activities they would normally have at the Compton HS campus. The district has been working diligently to make the students’ time on Roosevelt’s campus enriching, memorable and positive.

This transition will involve the following school sites:

Compton HS                          Bunche ES                                    Laurel ES

Davis MS                                Clinton ES                                     Mayo ES

Enterprise MS                         Dickison ES                                    Roosevelt ES

Roosevelt MS                         Emerson ES                                    Tibby ES

Walton MS                             Kelly ES                                   

Anderson ES                          Kennedy ES

PARENT INFORMATION MEETINGS: Join us to celebrate the beginning of a new era in Compton HS and learn more information about the project. We also want to hear from you to help us understand how to make this a great experience for your student. We hope that you are able to attend one of the dates/times below:

Roosevelt MS: 5/10/2018 5-6pm

Enterprise MS: 5/14/2018 5-6pm

Walton MS: 5/11/2018 5-6pm

Davis MS: 5/15/2018 5-6pm

Topics to be covered at the presentations include:

  • How do I let the district know which school I will choose based on the information below?
  • How will my child’s transportation be affected during this time?
  • Will programs being offered at our K-12 sites be changed or affected?
  • How long will these changes affect our schools?
  • How will Compton students at Roosevelt MS participate in HS activities such as the arts, athletics, and other HS programs?
  • My child is in the Special Education program. How will he/she be affected?
  • Time will be allotted for specific questions not outlined above during the presentation.

The Compton USD Board of Trustees, Superintendent, site principals, teachers and classified staff are committed to working with you to ensure a smooth transition for your family and your child’s academic program during this time. We look forward to seeing parents of students at the effected schools at one of the four informational presentations to begin the conversation and process of bringing a state of the art New Compton HS to our community.