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Safety Resources

Police Image
Metro safety video
9-1-1 for Kids
FBI (Surviving an Active Shooter)
Gang Resistance Education and Training
Helping Young Children and Families Cope with Trauma
LA Sheriff’s Department (Surviving an Active Shooter)
Sexting Guidebook for Students and Parents
Tips for Talking to Children and Youth After Traumatic Events: A Guide for Parents and Educators
Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS)
Addressing Grief: Tips for Teachers and Administrators
Helping Youth after Community Trauma: Tips for Educators
Talking to Children About Violence
Safe Schools Planning by the California Department of Education
National PTA School Safety Resources
Teen Driver Don't Text and Drive
Parent Teen Training Guide - Safe Driver Checklist
Teen Drivers
Bullying Are We Too Quick to Cry Bully?
Bullying and LGBTQ Youth
Bullying and Students with Special Needs
Bullying Prevention at School
Bullying Prevention-Engaging Parents and Youth
Bullying Prevention-How to Talk About Bullying
Bullying Prevention-Teacher Tips for Building a Safe Classroom Environment
Bullying Resources for Older Students
Community-Wide Strategies to Prevent and Manage Bullying
Cyberbullying Prevention
Find Out What Happened-Get the facts before you respond
Helping Young Children Get Along: When it’s Not Bullying
Other Types of Aggressive Behavior
Reporting Cyberbullying
Responding to Bullying
Risk Factors, Warning Signs, and Effects of Bullying
Special Considerations for High Risk Groups
Stop Bullying on the Spot
Student Reports of Bullying: Results From the 2015 School Crime Supplement to the National Crime Victimization Survey
Support in Bullying Situations
Teaching Students to Prevent Bullying-A selection of Games, Lesson Plans, Activities, and Resources
What Roles do Kids Play in Bullying