StudentGAFE Activation

Student Password Reset

How to have students sync their passwords in order to activate their GAFE account

On a PC that’s turned on, hold down Ctrl-Alt-Del. (this will not work on Macs or Chromebooks)


Click Switch User

Switch User 1

Switch User 2

Click Other User

Other User 1

Other User 2

Enter ID and password and click the right arrow

Enter Password 1

Enter Password 2

For those who don’t receive that message, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del again and select Change Password.

Change Password 1

Change Password 2

Enter a new password - something easy to remember, but difficult for others to figure out. Then click the right arrow button to complete the process

Enter New Password 1

Enter New Password 2

If you’re stuck, try coming up with a combination of two random words (animal, food, flower, household item) and a two- or three-digit number.

StudentGAFE Activation
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