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Bilingual Instructional Assistants

Bilingual Instructional Assistants (BIAs) play an integral role in the academic success of Emergent Bilinguals throughout the Compton Unified School District. Daily, our BIAs provide language and content-area support for Emergent Bilinguals. Serving students with varying proficiency levels, Compton Unified BIAs utilize a wide range of research-based strategies to ensure access and equity for Emergent Bilinguals. Specifically, BIAs use the Support Form and Template (see below) to assist and monitor their students' language progress.

Bilingual Instructional Assistants analyze ELPAC Writing Task Types.
Support Form Example  Image
This Support Form highlights how the BIA worked with this student to prepare for the ELPAC. Kudos!

Support Form and Template

BIA Support Template  Image
Support Template

Professional Development

Interactive Notebook  Image
Interactive Notebook
Academic Vocabulary Instruction   Image
Academic Vocabulary Instruction