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STEAMFest 2024

2024 STEAMFEST Innovation in Technology and Art   

This year our theme will explore the dynamic intersection where science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and art converge to spark creativity and ingenuity.  The event will celebrate the seamless integration of innovation and artistry, highlighting the interconnectedness of these disciplines. Get ready for a journey where we show how technology and art work together, creating endless possibilities in the world of STEAM.



Please fill out the Compton USD STEAMFest 2024  Partner Interest Form to let us know if your organization will partner with us this year. Organizations that complete the form by March 1,2024 will be listed as partners in our initial communications about the event. 

Here are some highlights of the activities that will take place at this festival:

  • School Innovation Booth Competitions: Each Compton School will showcase  Innovations in Technology and Arts.
  • Wearable technology showcase.
  • Robotics: Get hands-on experience with robotics by participating in our robotics workshops. Learn about coding, engineering, and programming, and discover how robots can be used to solve real-world problems.
  • eSports: Join our eSports tournament and compete against your friends in games like Fortnite and League of Legends. Learn about the intersection of technology and gaming. 
  • VR Demonstrations: Immerse yourself in virtual reality and  discover the power of VR technology. 
  • Cuisine of Compton: Taste the delicious flavors of Compton’s restaurants . 
  • Partners provide hands on activities for students or can sponsor the event to promote  Innovations in Technology and Arts.
  • Every School will have a booth and will participate to win the Innovations in Technology and Arts. Challenge! 
  • Restaurants will participate in the Cuisine of Compton Event!
  • Please contact Michele Dawson with any questions

Recap Video

Watch our STEAMFest videos to see this amazing event in action!

STEAMFest Videos