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Welcome to Transportation Department

417 West Alondra Blvd., Compton, CA 90220
Tel. (310) 639-4321 Ext. 55375 Fax (310) 639-9813

Vision Statement

We are excited and pleased to provide excellent transportation services to our students and staff here in the Compton Unified School district.


Safety is imperative in the transportation of students and staff, our service demands courteous and faithful commitment at all times, with the realization that our students are our most valuable asset and every effort is directed to make their ride as SAFE, RELIABLE, and PLEASANT as possible.

Mission Statement

We will endeavor to accomplish our mission in a Safe, Reliable, Efficient, Professional, and cost effective manner.

Primary Functions of Transportation Department

  • Regular Education Transportation
  • Special Education Transportation
  • Service/Repair of all District Vehicles

Walking Boundaries

The Compton Unified School District continues to enforce walking boundaries for elementary, middle and high school students who attend Compton Unified School District schools. Our objective is to provide better service by decreasing the number of bus stops, thereby flexibility of scheduling and on time performance. All students who live within the walking boundaries (distance from home to school) shall either walk to school or utilize other means of transportation.

The walking boundaries are as follow:
Elementary: 1.25 Miles     Middle: 1.75 Miles     High: 2.75 Miles

Middle school students who attend elementary schools will be held to walking boundaries based on their grade level. We are committed to enforce the walking distance boundaries in a reliable and efficient manner.


All students K-12 can apply for an MTA TAP card. The Compton Unified School District will only pay for the TAP cards if the mileage criteria is met. All students who live within the walking boundaries (distance from home to school) shall either walk to school or utilize other means of transportation. Students who live outside of the walking boundary and attend their home school may apply for a District paid MTA TAP card. Students, who attend a school outside of their home school (permit), will be responsible for their own transportation such as, private transportation, Compton Renaissance, MTA or Kenneth Hahn Trolley, etc. Students who attend a school outside of their home school based on overflow (home school is full) will still be held to walk boundary criteria. Students who DO NOT qualify may still apply for a TAP card AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE.

Applications for MTA TAP cards can be obtained at the school's office or by contacting the Transportation Department during business hours. Once the application is processed the Transportation Department will either forward the application to MTA for processing (if qualified) or return it to the school with a copy of this policy (not qualified). If the student is not qualified and the application is returned to the school, deliver the application to the MTA processing center indicated on the back of the MTA application along with the required fee. The fee is to be paid monthly to keep the card active.

The District will only pay for the TAP card during the school year. The student is responsible for the TAP card during summer months. For students who do not qualify, it is highly recommended that transportation arrangements are made as soon as possible to accommodate transportation needs. Additionally, the District continues to work with city officials in developing a comprehensive analysis of the public bus transportation system, which may result in modifications of our current bell schedules and transportation options.