Ayanna Davis

Board of Trustees

Dr. Ayanna E. Davis was elected to the Compton Unified School District Board of Trustees on June 5, 2022.  Dr. Davis currently serves as Board Clerk.

Dr. Ayanna E. Davis is an advocate for education, leadership, and political and social justice. She is a lifelong resident of the City of Compton. Ayanna provided services for thousands of children and families throughout her 27 years in the field of education. She is a mother of one son, Joshua, a graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana and the University of Southern California.

As a lifelong Democrat, she has a long history of assisting campaigns for candidates seeking local, state-wide and national office, organizing fundraisers, and facilitating candidate interviews for club endorsements. Davis is currently an appointed delegate by Assemblyman Mike Gipson for the 64th Assembly District. While serving as a delegate she actively participates with the party’s African American Caucus and the Children’s Caucus. Davis is a member and past Vice President and Political Action and Education Chairperson for the New Frontier Democratic Club, the oldest and largest African American Democratic club in California. Dr. Davis holds the office as a Vice President and Political Action Council member for the Association of Administrators of Los Angeles (AALA) of Los Angeles Unified School District.

Dr. Davis works passionately to advocate for equity and inclusion for young children (ages birth to 8 years old) living in disadvantaged conditions by serving as Vice President and President-elect of the Southern California Chapter of the California Association of Early Young Children. In addition, she represents as a delegate for Best Start Region 2 which serves the Compton, Watts, Willowbrook, and West Athens communities. In this capacity, she will focus on building capacity and advancing policy and change specific to the needs of those communities.

Dr. Davis attended the University of Southern California and earned a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. She earned a Master of Arts in Education Administration from California State University at Dominguez Hills and a Master of Arts in Educational Administration with a focus on Leadership and Policy Studies from California State University at Northridge. Lastly, a doctorate of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California’s Rossier School of Education.

Board Members
Charles Davis
Sandra Moss
Ayanna Davis
Alma Pleasant
Satra Zurita
Micah Ali