One -Year of Enrollment Fees Will Be Paid for Compton Unified School District High School Graduates
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Mar 6, 2018

High school graduates from the Compton, Lynwood and Paramount Unified School Districts will benefit from the nearly $300,000 donation Molina Healthcare recently made to Compton College.

The donation will help fund the Compton College Promise program, which covers the cost of one year of enrollment fees at the community college.  The Compton College Promise will begin in fall 2018 for Compton Unified School District graduates.

 “We are honored to support the Compton College Promise program and we know that Dr. Keith Curry and the entire faculty and staff of Compton College will provide an exceptional educational opportunity f or these promising high school graduates,” said Rebecca Wozniak, vice president of clinical integration for Molina Healthcare.

“Like Compton College, Molina Healthcare has deep ties to our local community and we are committed to helping all of our friends and neighbors lead healthy and productive lives.”

Through the Compton College Promise, high school graduates who attend Compton College fulltime (12 units) immediately after graduation will have enrollment fees waived for the first year. This means enrollment fees for the fall semester, winter term, spring semester and summer term at Compton College will be paid during that one- year period.

Students can choose from a variety of educational pathways: earn an associate degree and/or certificate, transfer to a four- year college or university, or pursue job training through the Career and Technical Education program.  “We are grateful for Molina Healthcare’s investment in the future of Compton Unified School District students,” said Darin Brawley, CUSD superintendent. “Locking arms with them and Compton College is an important step in obliterating barriers to opportunities and opening doors to promising futures for our scholars. My greatest hope is that every high school student in our district will take advantage of the Compton Promise, our collective commitment to their success.”

Compton Unified School District seniors who will graduate this year are encouraged to enroll now at Compton College to take advantage of the fact that their enrollment fees will be paid for one year.  Applications for enrollment at Compton College for the fall 2018 semester are currently available online at .  

“Our students most definitely have the potential and the capability to reach for and achieve their dreams,” Micah Ali, CUSD Board of Trustees president. “The Compton Promise is not only absolutely vital in enabling them to do so, it is a game-changer in creating a college-going culture within our district.”

The recently introduced Compton College Promise program addresses both the financial and social challenges of higher education by offering financial assistance for students, developing a “college- going culture” and providing other student support services. The objective of the program is to increase higher education completion rates and create stronger partnerships.

College Promise programs create partnerships between local K-12 schools, community colleges and four- year university systems to  provide pathways for students to achieve their educational goals. For more information about the Compton College Promise, students should contact their counselor or call the Compton College Office of Outreach and School Relations at 310- 900- 1600, ext. 2765.