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Feb 27, 2018

Dear Compton Unified School District Family,

I greatly appreciate the concern that parents and staff have shown in the aftermath of the recent, tragic shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida. In times like these, it is important for us to come together as a district family to ensure that students feel safe and are safe—the Board of Trustees and I are committed to making sure that happens.

I would like you to know important information about some of the actions we have taken to make sure that every school and every office in the district has what is needed to support the safety of our school sites.

Compton Unified School District has always taken a proactive approach to protecting our students and schools, such as requiring each school to have a school safety plan, ongoing training of school police and staff around safety measures, and taking any and all potential threats of gun violence seriously.

As such, there will be safety drills taking place at every school in the district in the coming weeks. You will be notified directly by your principal as to the day and time of the drill for your school. In preparation for the drill, we will be providing additional training to school principals and staff around safety.

Regarding potential safety threats, if you hear, see, or read something that you feel may be a threat to the safety of students, please contact your principal, the school police (310) 639-4321, ext. 55151 or our anonymous tip line at (310) 898-6188. You can also find more information on our school police website at

Finally, tragic events such as the shooting in Florida may also cause students to feel uneasy or scared. If you are a parent and feel that your child is anxious due to recent events, please let your principal know so that we can be of support.

Thank you, again, for making the safety and well-being of our students a top priority.


Dr. Brawley

Dr. Brawley with Dominguez  HS Students