Dominguez High School Celebrates Highest Number Of College Applicants In School History
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Dec 15, 2017
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Dominguez High School Homecoming King, Joshua Green, addressed the crowd of hundreds of students with some important life advice, “Don’t waste time and be the best person you can be!” The senior knows what he’s talking about, having completed the A-G requirements needed to apply to California State and University of California schools. In fact, he has already applied to several universities, both private and public.

Mr. Green is one of over 200 seniors at Dominguez High School who have met their A-G requirements and have applied to a four-year college. An assembly was held last Friday, December 8, 2017 to celebrate them and to commemorate the fact that they represent the largest number of seniors to apply to college in the history of the school.

“Today is a special day because college is next!” declared Dominguez Principal, Dr. Blain Watson. “Remember what we say here at Dominguez…if you approach college CASUALLY, you might be a college CASUALTY.”

In addition to enthusiastic encouragement from Dr. Watson, instrumental in the record-breaking number of applicants to college this year has been the efforts of Compton Unified School District College and Career program staff and AVID team working together to support students.

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Several student applicants shared advice with the onlookers, who were also treated to a performance by the school’s band and drill team. These words of wisdom all had a common theme: when it comes to getting into college, do not procrastinate and always do your best.

Dominguez High School currently boasts a graduation rate of 86.7%.

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Click for a video of the celebration