Mae Thomas

Mae Thomas

Board of Trustees

Mae Thomas has lived in Compton, California for 49 years. She is the mother of 5 children (2 deceased), has 15 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren. She was a classified employee of the Compton Unified School District for 18 years as an Instructional Assistant. Mae also served as a CSEA union representative at a school site. Mae Thomas is an employee for Los Angeles County, Department of Mental Health as a financial screener and formerly Los Angeles County Health Services for over 20 years of which she has served as a shop steward. Mae was strongly involved in the fight not to close the Martin Luther King Hospital. She has many certificates from labor studies and a master’s for Governance studies (California School Board Association). She is a member of Love and Unity Christian Fellowship Church, Compton, California under Pastor Ron Hill.
Mae Thomas was elected to the Governing Board of Trustees in November 2003 to represent the Compton Unified School District. She has served nearly 10 years on the school board, 1 term as Board President, 1 term as Vice President, 1 term as Legislative Representative and 2 terms as Board Clerk. She fought to return buses to the students, fought to grandfather all aides (2003), fought for union raises, fair hiring and testing, fought for Project Labor Agreement and minorities working on bond contracts, and fought against teacher lay-offs (2009). She has been in the battle for many issues that affect labor and the community, most recently Health Care for everyone. Mae was also elected as Executive Board of Director of formerly SEIU Local 660 (now SEIU Local 721) by her bargaining unit Financing Health Services 729.
Mae Thomas feels strongly that the students of the Compton Unified School District deserve dedicated and qualified teachers. Her goal is for every student to reach their full potential in a safe environment with improved infrastructure. She has promised for every student to have books, no teacher layoffs, better treatment and involvement of parents, all employees of the Compton Unified School District to be treated fairly in promotions, jobs and wages, and improved school site facilities.
Serving as a Board of Trustees for Compton Schools, has afforded me an opportunity to “Keep My Promise” I have represented our students, parents, employees and citizens with honesty, and not be a rubber stamp, or part of a Special Interest Group or corruption. My voting record over the last ten years will clearly indicate my passion for doing “what’s right” for the citizens and taxpayers, whom I serve. I will continue to believe that schools are the foundations upon which our community can grow stronger and more prosperous, with resources for all to share.
As in the words of Maxine Waters, who is my role model “If you believe in something you must be prepared to fight, to argue, to persuade”. I believe in fighting for what is right.
Mae Thomas worked for the City of Compton for 3 years as a Drug Prevention Intake and Parenting Facilitator. She was very devoted in helping parents being motivated and having pride and self-esteem, letting them know the most precious gift besides life is their children.

Membership, Affiliations and Leadership

  • Bargaining Committee (729), formerly SEIU 660
  • Stewards Council
  • SEIU Local 721 Steward
  • Political COPE
  • African American Committee
  • Women’s Committee
  • Vice President, City of Compton Personnel Commission
  • Compton College Personnel Commissioner
  • Compton Block Club Commissioner
  • Executive Board Member, Compton Welfare Rights
  • L.A. County Democratic Central Committee
  • President, Compton Standing Committee on Crime
  • Former Executive Board Member, NAACP
  • Centennial School Site Council
  • Centennial School Advisor Board
  • Regional Chairperson, 37th Congressional District, 1992
  • Criminal Justice Task Force
  • Southern Area Clergy Council
  • Certified Parenting Counselor
  • Executive Board Director for Local 660
  • Woman of the Year, Political Labor Affairs
  • Mother of the Year, Hub City News
  • Communicator of the Year
  • Certificate for Recognition, Congresswoman Maxine Waters
  • Outstanding Citizen of the Year, Congressman Walter Tucker
  • Award for Positive Community Influence, Kids Against Drugs
  • Award of Excellence and Recognition in Schools, Mark Twain
  • New Frontier Democratic Club
  • Recognition Award, Supervisor Yvonne Brathwaite-Burke
  • Black Women Network
  • MLK Democratic Club
  • Honoree in Education, St. Timothy’s Episcopal School, Compton
  • Compton Community Leadership Award (Compton City Councilwoman Yvonne Arceneaux)
  • Former Member Mother in Action
  • Brotherhood Crusade
  • Sponsor, Compton Titans Football
  • Compton Initiative, Certificate of Appreciation
  • CUSD, Division of Facilities & Departments, Certificate of Appreciation
  • Community Service & Support Award (formerly Delores Parks Family Daycare)
  • Golden Apple Community Service Recognition, Mid-Cities Schools Credit Union
  • Certificate of Recognition Community Service CUSD, AACCCT Dr. Deborah LeBlanc

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