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Compton Unified School District

Your EdTech Team

Compton Unified School District's Educational Technology Department provides professional development, coaching and resources to wed pedagogy and technology as the instructional paradigm shifts to 21st century learning and a focus on the four C's:  Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, and Critical Thinking. By working closely with departments and school sites within the district, as well as developing external partnerships, the Educational Technology Department develops workshops, materials, and resources to improve both instruction and learning, leading to an increase in student achievement. This intensive support, coupled with the effective use of technology expands educators’ ability to engage students in real-world, authentic learning experiences that promote 21st century readiness.
Michele Dawson
Senior Director
Alvaro Brito
21st Century Learning Specialist
Robert Broome
21st Century Learning Specialist
David Parker
21st Century Learning Specialist
Jose Ramirez
21st Century Learning Specialist
Melissa Zaucha
21st Century Learning Specialist