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Compton Unified School District

Daily Write Connection


daily write ImageThe Write Connection is a three part program that consists of a Language Arts by Topic component, which teaches grammar and conventions, a Pre-Writes component that focuses on a variety of writing domains, and a meaningful Rubric System.

1.) The Language Arts by Topic section contains about 44 weeks of topic based paragraphs. The paragraphs are printed on color transparencies, and allow students to master revising and editing. Each week addresses a specific element of the writing process.

The Language Arts by Topic section models a variety of writing styles and also provides information that the students will need for their weekly writing assignments. All content in The Language Arts by Topic is grade level appropriate.

2.) The custom Pre-Writes ask the questions students need to ask themselves when writing a paragraph. All information for the Pre-Writes is provided in the Language Arts by Topic section. The Pre-Writes help the students to organize their thoughts, build self-confidence, and enhance comprehension.

3.) The Write Connection's unique meaningful Rubric System is a progressive set of value based rules that are easily understood by students. Consequently, they allow the students to understand their teacher's expectations, gain control of their work, and write a successful paper.

The Rough Draft is written by using the Pre-Write and the rules of the Rubric. It is then edited with a peer, again using the Rubric.

The Final Draft is written after the student has revised and edited their Rough Draft with a partner. The teacher then corrects the paper using the Rubric. After the assignments are corrected, they are placed in the students' Progress Charts.

Student progress is monitored throughout the year and writing assignments are stored to maximize accountability.

The final result of the program is a performance-based, academic portfolio that has been created by each student. 


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