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Compton Unified School District



block ImageThrough the ELD/ELA block, schools are strategically grouping students to allow teachers to focus instruction and attention on the needs of various subgroups. Students are placed in classrooms by CELDT level for a portion of the day where teachers are teaching ELD and ELA standards. It gives teachers the opportunity to focus on ELD standards (particularly for students who are at CELDT levels 1, 2, and 3) which are limited in the core curriculum. Students thereafter are heterogeneously grouped for other content areas where instruction is provided using SDAIE strategies.

In the 2011-12, level 1 & 2 classrooms in our Program Improvement schools will have Imagine Learning, the software is rich in content, proven to accelerate language acquisition and reading development for English learners, struggling readers, students with disabilities, and early childhood education. Imagine Learning English was recently named the premier software program for early elementary ESL students by the 2010 Education Software Review Awards, more commonly know as the EDDIES.

“The high quality graphics and sound, delightful cast of characters, and entertaining lessons (disguised as games) are sure to captivate and motivate even the most reluctant learners,” wrote The ComputED Gazette in its review of the program.

In addition to awarding high marks for engaging content, reviewers also praised Imagine Learning English for its effective instruction. “By providing high-quality, scientifically based instruction, ongoing student assessments, tiered instruction and parental involvement, Imagine Learning English targets the essential skills of literacy, vocabulary development, listening and speaking,” said The Gazette. 


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