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Compton Unified School District

Mainstream English Language Development (MELD)


meld ImageDr. Noma LeMoine is a nationally recognized expert on issues of language variation and learning in African American and other students for whom Standard English is not native. She has written and spoken extensively on the topic and is a highly sought-after consultant to colleges, universities, and school districts nationwide. Dr. LeMoine has been deeply involved in education for over 30 years. Her experience includes serving as a Language and Speech Consultant to Los Angeles based Head-start programs, as a classroom teacher, “Mentor” teacher, and a Language and Speech Diagnostic Specialist.

Dr. LeMoine presented pedagogy and conducted 1st round trainings to Principals, Curriculum Specialists, teacher leaders to address culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy as an access methodology, linguistically responsive instruction for Standard English Learners, and to share instructional strategies for facilitating culturally and linguistically responsive teaching. This presentation focused on the historical background of Standard English Learners which included the development of African American, Mexican American and Native American languages. She delineated the “Barriers to Academic Success” as:
• Limited mastery of the language of instruction
• Adverse Educator Attitudes toward the languages and cultures of SELs
• Inadequate knowledge on the part of students about their history, language, and culture
• Insufficient parent involvement and support for the academic curriculum

These trainings are to help administrators and teacher leaders internalize sufficient knowledge to support teachers in changing practice. Currently, this training is on-going for teachers of English Only students and includes coaching and classroom modeling. 


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