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Emergency Preparedness

Current events remind us that disaster can occur at any time and anywhere. We do our best to keep our campuses safe and prepared for emergency situations.
Recently, all of our CUSD schools and sites were equipped with comprehensive but easy to use Trauma kits thanks to a donation by Dana R. Vilander and Tactical Medical Solutions, Inc.
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The Compton Turnaround Continues!

At CUSD "Straight Out of Compton" takes on a whole new meaning. Our scholars are paving the way to a new Compton everyday as they traverse our campuses and continue to build a new and improved legacy based on academic success and perseverance.
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CUSD Leadership Conference 2017

​August 1, 2017 kicked off CUSDs Annual Leadership Conference. CUSD Leadership staff engaged in several activities and discussions to help prepare for the 2017-18 school year. Here are some highlights:
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Emerson Tiger News - June 2017

In this, the final Tiger News of the class 2017, the crew covers their trip to Catalina Island, UCLA, Teacher Appreciation Day, and also Interview School Board President Satra Zurita plus much, much, more.
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